Slope Style

There are so many people that we can talk about in this list of the best skiers in the world and I know that when it comes down to it there are just an endless amount of people who could technically deserve to be here on this list but we are just going to be making sure that we are doing things the right way and that there are just a bunch of different types of skiers who are in this list of the best skiers in the world. That is something that we think is really important because there is absolutely no denying the facts that skiing is a sport that is constantly changing and going through a really cool revolution but we don’t want to disclose any of the old school racer types because they too are really good skiers themselves, but let’s be honest and say that some of the free skiers out there who are doing really well and winning competitions could also have been really talented racers if they wanted to be but they chose to do cool tricks and get all the hot chicks instead and just be more badass and I think that this is what skiing is all about in general, and that is standing up to your fears and conquering them, and that is something that I think all of us should know more about because we are all super sick people and skiing is one of the sickest sports in the world, so let’s continue to talk more about the best skiers in the world and just inform all of you about all of the really cool people out in the world who are super talented on skis and changing the world and the sport in the process.

So the next of the best skiers in the world that we are going to be talking about is a guy named Jossi Wells and I think it is safe to say that now that Wells just won the gold medal at the 2016 Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado for the Men’s ski slope style competition that he is now one of the best skiers in the world and the truth is that he has been one of the best skiers in the world for awhile now. Wells comes from New Zealand and is one of the best skiers to ever come out of this country and his entire family is really good at skiing in general, and I know that when you look at some of the videos that he has come out with over the years you can totally see that he is just a super epic individual who is not afraid to send it as hard as possible for the boys, the camera and the girls, and he is definitely reaping the benefits of his fearlessness these days with all the sponsor money he is getting as well as the media coverage of just winning the Winter X Games. So of course we had to include Jossi Wells on this list of the best skiers in the world because he is not only from New Zealand which is really cool but he is also just beginning to bloom into one of the most radical skiers in the world right now and that is really important for us in the making of this list of the best skiers in the world.